Vintage dresser mirror re-purposed to a chalkboard!

Hey there, Its a beautiful Spring.. I mean.. Winter day out there today! I can’t help but snap a picture of the view from my front porch today because, its seriously like a Spring afternoon! No snow, the grass is green and the birds are singing! Just in case you weren’t aware.. I live in Ontario, Canada and although we usually don’t get the worst Winters, im pretty sure in my lifetime , we have never had a start to February that was this gorgeous let alone snowless!


Me gushing about our glorious weather is not the reason however I am here today! I recently re-purposed a vintage dresser mirror that came with a dresser that I acquired a long while ago. I had the mirror up for sale for a few months just trying to sell it as it and no one was biting. I would walk past it every day and look at how beautiful the shape of the wood was and wish that it would find its forever home. After a few months of having it just sitting there I decided to do something with it and I thought why not make it a chalkboard! To achieve this I  I used Martha Stewart’s Black Chalkboard Paint.

mscpYou can buy this paint at any place that sells Martha Stewart’s Crafts and Paint lines, I got mine from Michaels Craft Store, I paid less than $10 for the bottle with one of Michaels amazing 40% off coupons. Before starting any project you should always give the surface you are painting on a nice cleaning, just some soap and water works well for me! After I cleaned the mirror and the surface is dry I started my coats of chalkboard paint. I had to do about 5 coats all together of the chalkboard paint, but there were a few times I went over already painted surfaced and pulled off some of the paint so you could see the mirror. That is one thing to keep in mind in between coats, which I learned on probably coat #3 , is that you need to let it dry completely before starting a new coat. Between coats 3, 4 & 5 I waited a few days.


Once all is dry and the surface is completely covered with the Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint, I ” seasoned” the chalkboard with chalk.  What that means, is that I took a piece of chalk on its side and went up and down all over the chalkboard surface to give it a layer of white chalk. The reason I recommend that you do this , is because it makes removing anything you write on the chalkboard after a million times easier to remove and doesn’t typically show up after you’ve wiped it off. I do this almost every other time to every third time I write on the homemade chalkboards, just to maintain that clean look!  Check out the before and after pictures of this fabulous chalkboard!



007 008003Have you used Martha Stewarts Chalkboard Paint before? Is there another brand you recommend that we try? How much do you love this DIY chalkboard? The only thing I wonder… Why are mirrors not magnetic!!

Thanks for reading !


Until next time!


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