Our Bathroom Reno: Part One

Back in December, I was cleaning our bathroom and went to clean around our shower faucet and the little round lever that you use to pull the water up to the shower head feel off. Something so small , that we could have went to Home Depot and fixed for $5.00 maybe $10.00 and we decided then that come the new year we were going to start on our first ever home Reno. Now, I say it is something that was so small,  but in reality, there were a few ( soon to be many ) things that we needed to fix in the bathroom. Something that really bothered me was that the caulking that went around the tub would always crack right after you put it on because the wall paneling the previous owners had installed, we to make the story short, did not install it properly. So water could get behind that wall and I was concerned about mold.  I wasn’t a huge fan of our peel and stick floor tiles but they were in pretty good condition and really the washroom just needed a facelift. So… we went off to home depot in January and started our planning. Heres a few of the before pictures I took mid ripping the bathroom apart!




IMG_6677 IMG_6676 IMG_6675

We decided that it would be easiest, as long as we found everything we were happy with, in one place so we went to Home Depot. I just have to give a shout out to Donna who works at the Oshawa Home Depot because she knew her stuff! She helped us with all the tile and flooring questions we had and we left feeling confident that his was something we could do ourselves.. with a little help from my father-in-law! Here is what we ended up choosing for our tiling and wall colour!





Once everything was set in stone and we figured out every thing we wanted, we bought all of our supplies and John started ripping out the walls around the shower……. Heres were some interesting things started to come in to play. We found out that not only did the walls not come right now to the bathtub, but that they had patched it all over the place with drywall that just didn’t fit where it was supposed to go. Sigh…. so John just almost all the way up to the ceiling leaving about 1/4 of the wall and we decided that needed to be replaced with cement board.After the walls came down it was time to clear out the bathroom , toilet, vanity, mirror, cabinets and … the bathtub…… OH the bathtub …. that’s a long story and all im going to say is, at the end of the day …. the tub got cut in half… and we also had to replace a few small parts of drywall. I’m sure that’s normal . :\

We have made some progress and I would say were a little over half way done, I will be doing a 5 part series on our bathroom reno, next week I will be posting some of the helpful videos we used and the update on how the washroom is going. This weekend we took a bit of a break but we are more than half way done!


Until next week,




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