DIY Gender Reveal

When I was 18 weeks pregnant , we found out the gender of our little baby! We were looking for some fun and creative ways that we could share the news with our friends and family and I stumbled upon a few ideas on Pinterest! One of the ideas was hitting  a baseball and having some fancy powder explode into the air with the colour of the gender! I thought that was such an awesome idea because both my husband and I are very much into playing baseball! Together we play on 3 teams , which makes for a fun but very busy summer! The only problem I had with the ideas I could find , was I had no idea where to find half of the supplies! So I wanted to share with you how we ended up doing our gender reveal! We did this back in September so we were lucky to have Michael’s Craft Store have their Christmas stuff starting to come in already ! We bought a 6 pack of plastic fillable ornaments roughly $8, Cheaper if you get one of those lovely Michael’s coupons, just a small  59 ml bottle of Americana Snow White Acrylic Paint and LOTS of Chalk!! One of the great things about Michael’s is that they sell chalk in their $1.50 bins and they are all the same colour! We bought both Pink and Blue ahead of time because we weren’t sure what the end result was going to be!


I did 3 coats of the acrylic paint on each side of the ornaments , then I put the finishing touch on with a red gel pen!


Now, for the filling! My husband , bless his soul , broke up 8 boxes of chalk to fit 3 baseballs! All we did to break up the chalk was put 2-3 boxes into a ziplock bag and then hammer the chalk until it was complete powder. This took him about 45 minutes! I would definitely recommend doing more than one as the first one was a bust and he never even swung at the ball ( apparently wasnt his pitch)… the second one didn’t turn out that great picture wise… So, I guess Like they say, third times a charm!


004Once the chalk was powder all we did was fill up one side of the ornament completely and then close it ( all done over the sink). They sealed just tight enough that it was easy to break and wouldn’t open when it was thrown!  Let me tell you, the 45 minute of banging the chalk was so worth it!  We had some of our ball friends come out for a baseball practice so they were all there to witness the excitement and we were able to show our family and friends in such an awesome way that we were having a GIRL! We are so excited to meet our little girl in just a few weeks and introduce her to the world! I can’t wait to share her nursery with you in the next upcoming weeks as well as we did some amazing furniture transformations using Fusion Mineral Paint! Stay Tuned! 038


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