2015 … A year of achieving goals & conquering fears ! 

The other day I was cleaning out my desk and stumbled upon my old note book, in it was the goals I had set for my business for 2015 along with my personal goals. Every year we all set goals for ourselves, personally and professionally and I myself can say that my ” New Years resolutions” usually .. Well they don’t work out. However, As I looked over my business goals I was pleasantly surprised that out of my 5 goals , I had succeeded in completing 4 of them!


My first goal on the list was to get a booth in an antique shop or antique mall and although I am not longer there , I did it! I don’t have many regrets in my life and I was so thankful to have that experience. I am definitely a person that needs to experience things on their own. Although I had heard many negative things about renting out a booth (overhead  rent and commission ) it was something I wanted to try . ✔️

Goal number 2 , use my blog more … I would say .. That out of all 5 , this was my failure. However, I must say , in January of last year I revamped my blog and paid to have it the way I envisioned it, I am so happy with it and in that I have sucsess! I try to post as much as I can , but like all humans, life gets in the way!

Goal number 3 take more photos ! ✔️ Last Christmas my husband bought me a Canon Rebel for Christmas and I now have gotten into the habit of taking many pictures with both that and my IPhone with the help of my husband. I’m not sure if he will ever understand the art of staging but he always helps me when I ask if he can help me carry the dresser outside so I can take a picture  or out it up against the gate before it goes into the truck for delivery because our gate is so rustic!

Goal number 4, increase sales by 25%, ✔️ I don’t have the exact number but I can tell you that sales increased way over 25% and I have all my amazing clients to THANK for that . Without you there would be a woman and her husband with a house cluttered with furniture. Thank you for helping me to do what I love!

Lastly , goal number 5 , make and create more often ! ✔️ With all the motivation I had this year with custom orders and the shop, I was able to create so many beautiful pieces of furniture and I enjoyed every minute!


Most of these goals will carry on into next year and I will add some new goals for 2016! On a personal note , like every year I make the goals to eat healthier on a regular basis and head to the gym more. This year I also made a goal to myself to start driving ( yes I’m old, no I was not driving last year, yes I know I should have started driving years ago). In January I went for my G1 ( my learners permit) , I took a drivers training course because the thought of driving honestly terrified me , and with the help of my driving instructor , my husband, my sister in law and my friend Tanya , I passed my G1 exit test in October and have been driving on my own since. . There is definitely still some anxiety there when I’m driving but every time I drive on my own , it makes me more and more confident .



2015 was a heck of a year for me and I just wanted to thank all of you who made this year one of the best for Gates Shabby Chic! It was my year of achieving goals and conquering fears  and I’m happy to say it was a pretty damn good year ! What were your goals for 2015 ? Did you make them happen ? Do you have big plans for 2016? I want to hear about them leave a message in the comment section below!

Wishing you & yours a safe and Happy New Year !


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